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Hi everyone! [12 Feb 2007|07:55pm]

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Name: Jess
Age: 16
Location: North NJ
Why you're a fan of Lauren: After seeing her Johanna, there was no way I couldn't become a fan. I've always loved "Sweeney" and, having seen the PBS recorded stage version and having heard all the previous cast albums, Lauren is definitely my favorite. I also love the way she throws herself into her character and her work. And she's ADORABLE, but that's just a bonus. ;)
Anything else? Um, I love making friends, especially those who have similar interests, so..I hope to make new ones here. :D

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icons & other goodies [01 Nov 2006|01:19am]

16 icons (also featuring Patti LuPone, Stephen Sondheim & Manoel Felciano)
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I <3 Lauren Molina and I haven't seen a lot of graphics devoted to her so I figured I'd make some. all photos from

But I'm okay and I'll be fine )

[26 Sep 2006|11:04pm]

Name: Dara
Age: 15
Location: NJ
Why you're a fan of Lauren: She was an incredible Johanna in the Sweeney revival, and she is just so talented and sweet.
Anything else? I'm a soprano (like Lauren, hehe) and I hope to be on Broadway someday. One of my dream roles is Johanna in Sweeney Todd because it just so beautifully written and the show is one of my favorites.

[10 Jun 2006|08:30pm]

Name: Mary
Age: 17

Location: Iowa
Why you're a fan of Lauren: She is just an amazing Johanna in the Sweeney Todd revival. Her Green Finch is stunning.
Anything else? Sorry, that's all.

Hello!! [14 May 2006|11:41pm]

Name: Shae
Age: 17
Location: Upstate, NY
Why you're a fan of Lauren: I saw her Saturday night in Sweeney, after attempting about nine freaking times to see the show. I love Johanna's character, but I've never heard or seen a performance that I didn't loathe. Then I bought the new cast recording, and her Green Finch brought me to tears. I was thrilled. Finally, a performer who could portray my favorite sweet blonde in a new light. She brings a humanity to it that stuns me every time. Also, I downloaded the .mp3 of her song The Sun Goes Down off her website, and was delighted to discover her beautiful original musical style. In addition to, you know, the breathtaking artwork. So much talent in one little itty-bitty person.
Anything else? Umm, I brought my tophat to the show on Saturday, and Lauren, Manoel, Michael, Donna and Patti all signed it!

Also, I'm one of those crazy people who spends every waking moment in a theatre, be it at my school or elsewhere.
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Hello! [07 May 2006|10:44pm]

Name: Ashley
Age: 23
Location: Maryland
Why Are You A Fan of Lauren: As an actress/musician myself, I was always frustrated that so many actresses play Johanna as a air-headed little ingenue. Then Lauren came along and played Johanna as a real person with a mind of her own...exactly as I had envisioned her!
Anything Else? As I mentioned above, I'm an actress myself. Johanna is one of my dream roles and Lauren plays her exactly the way I could have choosen to play her. And Johanna is one of the few roles I would dye my hair for. (See my icon)

Also, does anyone have any Lauren headers? I'm looking for one to put on my user info page. And I'd really, really, really, really like one! Any and all attempts would be appreciated and the one I use will of course recieve credit! Thanks! :)

Liz- Feel free to delete this, but I needed another promotion spot... [05 May 2006|07:31pm]

Image hosted by
COME JOINculture_chic

Since we all know how classy Lomo is.

You There, My Friend... [18 Apr 2006|07:41pm]

Name: Rachel.
Age: 19.
Location: Normal, Illinois.
Why you're a fan of Lauren: She is the most amazing Johanna I have ever seen. She actually gives the character a personality. Also, she is probably the nicest peron I have ever met.
Anything else? I love the Sweeney Revival in general. Here's hoping it sweeps the Tonys!
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[15 Apr 2006|09:06pm]

A bit late - but happy birthdya, Lauren! I hope today was awesome. :)

New! (Betcha already know me...) [11 Apr 2006|10:02pm]

Name: Victoria, more commonly referred to as V.
Age: 18
Location: Seattle
Why you're a fan of Lauren: Because she's too awesome to believe. And she's not Betsy Joslyn. Lordy.
Anything else?
She recognized me at the stage door by my Michael drawing. I died.
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